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Kobanova - Electronic Press Kit

For Booking and Media Inquiries:

Wes Bacastow  | 404-797-0949

2023 Highlights

  • Headline EP Release (Sold Out) - Smiths Olde Bar Atlanta Room - 4.21.23

  • Featured Act at Virginia Highland's Porchfest 2023

  • Support for Virginia Man (Sold Out) - Smiths Olde Bar Music Room - 8.19.23

  • Candler Park Fall Fest 2023 - Sunday, 10.1.23

  • Taste and Brews Festival 2023 - Sunday, 10.15.23

  • Support for The Vegabonds - Terminal West - 12.15.23



Nobody knew what sonic concoction would arise when a classical pianist, a blues guitarist, and a singer-songwriter met at the University of Georgia and began playing music together in 2019.  The trio, Chris Dickson, Wes Bacastow, and Jimmy Riemer, quickly found audiences that loved their collaboration.  Kobanova steadily built its following in Athens, Georgia, earning their chops playing across the vast bar scene, football tailgates, and private parties, all before playing their first headline show at the 40 Watt Club in February 2020.  The pandemic stunted plans for touring the band in 2020, and the group took a break from performing after the release of their second single, Transgressions, in October 2020.


The founding three songwriters reemerged in Atlanta over the summer of 2022 with an urgency to make up lost time.  They quickly recorded two singles, Breathe and Deep Blue, both originally written in 2019, and began writing their forthcoming EP, For Better or Worse, in the winter of 2022.  In this writing phase, Kobanova found that embracing a touch of southern twang came naturally.  Their four new tracks releasing April 2023 infuse a variety of influences including Americana, folk rock, southern rock and blues.  You’ll even hear elements reminiscent of 90s alternative on their slamming rock anthem, Crystal Clear.  


Kobanova will be playing venues across the state of Georgia this spring to support the EP release while they finish writing new songs for an album later this year.

KOBANOVA (Fly High) - Press Release

Atlanta, GA | October 19, 2023: Kobanova delivers another classic, yet refreshing take on alternative rock music. The trio met at the University of Georgia and began playing music together in 2019. After graduating, Chris Dickson, Wes Bacastow, and Jimmy Riemer continued their musical journey in Atlanta making a big splash in 2023 with their single “The Hunt” from their EP “For Better or Worse”.  “KOBANOVA (Fly High)” is the final song to be released in advance of the forthcoming self-titled album, “Kobanova”, which will be a re-release album featuring all of Kobanova’s existing catalog fully remastered for smooth, continuous listening.


The single, KOBANOVA (Fly High), is inarguably Kobanova’s most thoughtfully written song to date. The track opens with a dramatically understated guitar piece from Wes Bacastow drawing you in before Jimmy Riemer’s powerful vocals set in strong with the iconic hook, “My phone says I got home at 4:00 AM”. Chris Dickson eloquently arrives on the track with charismatic piano flourishes giving off Billy Joel inspirations. In under a minute, the song expands from one acoustic instrument to a massive collection of voices, guitars, piano, and percussion all perfectly mixed and blended to satisfy even the most hardcore audiophiles. “KOBANOVA (Fly High)” - or simply ‘Fly High’ for short - may ultimately become the genre defining track for the band, as they infuse elements of reggae rock, emo/punk, and traditional pop into their foundational soulful country-rock sound.

Kobanova Album 2.jpeg


"Vocally it's one that'll have you captivated within moments of the first word being spoken, they're so warm and inviting to any new listener. It's so charming and the twinkling piano tones especially contributes so well to the overall sound. I can easily see this being performed in front of thousands of people, it's got that certain Summer Festival feel about it."

Plastic Magazine:

"The song’s energy gradually builds, adopting a light groove and introducing instantly catchy melodic leads. However, it’s in the chorus that the song truly takes flight. The addition of crunchy guitar tones, the vocal contributions of guitarist Wes Bacastow and the bouncy piano chords courtesy of Chris Dickson create a sensational and truly captivating sonic experience"

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